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Greencheekyconure's News

Posted by Greencheekyconure - September 9th, 2012

Seed assault 4 looks terrible and will most likely never release, so for madness day I'm instead releasing an imaginary epilogue to the book 'Of mice and men'.

Posted by Greencheekyconure - August 29th, 2012

This guys name is Otarine and he makes some pretty cool brony and non-brony related songs.
Don't believe me?
Bronies listen to this:

And non-bronies listen to this:

Posted by Greencheekyconure - June 17th, 2012


What if creepers
Yeah, you might have noticed I put up two little shorts about creepers on my page, I wanted to know if you liked them, and if you want more. I'm also out of ideas!
Give me some and I'll credit you if I make it!
SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssoooo comment.

None so far, been working on projects.

Seed Assault 4
Where to start?
It's been a long painful process which is only about 35 seconds long.
I'm also trying to try new things such as adding in computers, teleporting guards and better blood and feet.
It's no wonder it's taking so long. Add that to the fact I've got so little time to animate at the moment and it seems almost impossible that I'll get it finished by madness day, which for those that don't know is on the 22nd of September, two and a half months away.
Another thing I'm trying to focus on is my EXAMS which are starting soon and are getting in the way of everything. however, I'll keep seed assault up every-time I use my computer so I don't forget.
Anyway, screenshot!


Posted by Greencheekyconure - April 7th, 2012

I Finally think I might be making improvements,
What do you think?

Flying Axe attack

Rifle test


A test with a zombie

Posted by Greencheekyconure - March 8th, 2012

As most of you will know, I HAD a madness interactive mod by the name of Birdness interactive, It passed judgment years ago and received positive reviews from most of the community, so can anybosy explain why the flaming F***
it was removed from newgrounds?

p-bot@newgrounds.com p-bot@newgrounds.com
18:57 (50 minutes ago)

to me

Thank you for submitting to Newgrounds!

Unfortunately, your submission has been removed by site administrators. Your submission may have been removed for one of the following reasons:

1. Your entry may have been believed to be stolen. You may only submit content that you produced and to which you own the rights.
2. Your entry may have been malicious. An example would be an entry that spawns endless pop-ups.
3. Your entry may have been hateful or racist.
4. Your entry may have contained excessive pornography. Examples are porn slide shows or videos.
5. Your entry may have received a complaint regarding use of someone's intellectual property.
6. Your entry may have been an advertisement or SPAM.

You can also review our submission guidelines in the Portal FAQ:


As long as you understand and follow our guidelines, we look forward to your continued participation on Newgrounds.


This is the message you usually get when a submission under judgment gets removed, yet I received it for this.

Posted by Greencheekyconure - January 20th, 2012


Ten plagues has been updated, minor fire and lightning graphical changes.

You want proof?

Posted by Greencheekyconure - October 1st, 2011

Madness Operation Rebirth is a new series I'll be trying to do, to get away from my old lazy rubbish.
Though viewers will naturally have a bad opinion of my older works, I urge you to put aside all the stuff you know about me animation-wise.
Rebirth is coming, rebirth is swift, rebirth will leave your mind in a rift.

Umm... And with that slightly strange note.


Posted by Greencheekyconure - August 7th, 2011

Sorry guys,
I've been doing so much lately, newgrounds has sort of slipped my mind.

Even more bad news, When at 70% on seed assault 4, my computer decided it hated me.
and so it accidentally deleted the file.
I had a weeks depressed staring at the screen blankly, before giving up on the series,
I'm really sorry, and I wanted to get it done. But most of you won't know how hard it is.
So I've given up and moved over to stickfigure animation, If you have any questions, or just want to call me a git for giving up, feel free, I won't read it.

To check my newest animation visit this thread on fluidanims here

Posted by Greencheekyconure - June 23rd, 2011

AX warrior battles (AXWB for short), are like the fluidanims RHG's.
Except, I find the deadline easier, and there are alot more battles.

Find it here

Posted by Greencheekyconure - April 14th, 2011

Thanks for your support, Especially those on AX!
Link to AX

This is going to take alot of time, stress and work.
I'm not animating this sequal for fun, I'm animating it because it has to be done, and If it is'nt I'll regret it.

Seed assault
Seed assault 3 kicked in at 3 minutes 46 seconds.
My Seed assault 4 target is around 4 minutes.

So far I'm at Frame: 724
Which kicks in at: 0.36 out of 4.00 minutes.

All of the good characters will appear in this episode.